Be Better.

By Thomas Dunagan

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be better.

My father has always said that if you do a better job than anyone else you will be successful. I often wonder what it means to be better. I think everyone has different ideas when it comes to success. I know for myself I have taken on the challenge of finding ways to be better not only as an entrepreneur, but also as a person.

Lately, I have been working on small things at The Lost Room that I think will improve who we are and how we look. This new website was a big staple in that direction. We’re also going to be updating our lobby even more in the future. Marketing will start to pick up as well. Now most people reading this are probably just thinking “we want more rooms!” I do too. There are several logistics to consider when implementing a new room but I’ll discuss more details into that in next months blog.

The root of what I’ve been doing is retraining myself into being a leader again. It’s a bit of an odd thought since I don’t have any employees really. Although that is beginning to change. In reflecting on this journey this is the first time in about a decade where I didn’t have people to really direct under me. While I don’t think I have forgotten how I have lead in the past, I felt like this was an opportunity to better understand on how to improve what I already did or didn’t know.

The best leader I worked under came and supported my business in August

I have been under several leaders over the years in my life some were great and some didn’t have a clue what they were doing. I think the greatest weakness in a leader is pride and the greatest strength is humility. A leader that doesn’t know his people isn’t a leader at all. They are merely contracting individuals to work for them every day. A leader that doesn’t read and learn and grow is failing his subordinates. Lately, I’ve been listening to the the books by the Echelon Front team; Extreme Ownership and The Dichotomy of Leadership. They are really really good listens. They not only challenge you but they really bring you into a mentality of embracing a lifestyle of being a leader.

Many small businesses are in limbo right now. They are struggling to find a foothold and where to reach next. For myself, I won’t make excuses as to the failures and problems that arise on this journey of growing The Lost Room. Instead, I will embrace the challenges and overcome them and win. We are good now but we will be better.