Pause. It’s Break Time.

By Thomas Dunagan


It feels like much of life is finally getting back to normal for many people and businesses. Finally sitting down to stop and pause for a minute to write out some thoughts on my business reminds me of the importance stepping back and breathing. I think we often get too caught up in the everyday routines forgetting to take a brief moment to pause every now and then.

This is the busiest season of the year for The Lost Room. These summer months draws tens of 1000’s of visitors to this little tourist town of Helen. With us now just finishing our second year of business I was excited to see we have continued to reach new audiences with just the two adventures we currently offer. We also broke over 200 five-star reviews on Google which was a great milestone for us and is an encouraging sign that we are continuing to provide great experiences for our guests. Looking towards the end of the month and finishing the busy season with a bang we will slow things down just a little bit on the operation side of things again. But before that occurs, we have planned two vacations in the fall to checkout several escape adventures on our own. I will probably follow up with a blog in regard to the best rooms we experience on those trips.

I am sure it has become a wonder to our audience as to where our newest adventure, The Playbook, is currently in the development process. Well, it is still in construction. For those that have been following us in the development of this “choose-your-own-adventure” style game, you can imagine the elaborate nature of the game in its construction and development. While some elements during the buildout have gone smoothly, there have been quite a few hiccups along the way. Now that we are in our busy summer season of the year the attention of operations has taken precedent over construction during the last month and a half. I will be turning attention back to construction at the start of August.

In order to appease myself and our audience we have officially put construction of The Playbook on pause. Now this is only a temporary pause as we want to be able to provide you only the best possible experiences we can. With that said we have a special announcement. Coming this November, you will get to experience our 3rd game featuring a unique theme that will rotate during the course of the year as we develop more ideas. Now our most dedicated fans will have something new to continually look forward to as we roll them out. I will announce the theme for this November later this summer.

IT’s break time.

I hope you guys are excited as I am, come November we hope you will join us in the first game of…