OUR Crew

Thomas Dunagan

Owner, Master Builder

Thomas started The Lost Room out of a love of the industry. He has played over 150 escape rooms and is a big board game nerd having a collection of over 500 games. With a background in customer service and game design he combined his skills into a passion creating completely original designs and puzzles. He hopes to provide incredible experiences to help others get lost making unforgettable memories together.

Daniel Purcell

GeneraL Manager

Daniel is relatively new to escape rooms but greatly enjoys the problem solving and immersive aspects that they bring. His extensive theater background helps him get into the theme and atmosphere of each room he plays.  Daniel is also a Georgia-certified firefighter and volunteers his time serving in the community. Whether you’re an escape room enthusiast or brand new, Daniel is here to welcome you in and ensure you have a great experience with your visit to The Lost Room.