Can you find the master key before it’s too late?

Professor Glenn has gone missing along with his three iconic golden keys he always kept nearby.

It is up to you and your fellow students to recover the golden keys that have been hidden in unknown places. However, while exploring Professor Glenn’s office it will soon become quite clear that there is much more to it than meets the eye.

Can you recover the golden keys and access the Master Key and prevent the world from falling into utter darkness?

Difficulty Level
The difficulty of this room is easier with more players. It is recommended to have at least four players to best enjoy this experience.
Agility Level
There is some change in elevation as well as crawling in this game. If all members of your party are not comfortable crawling it would be recommended to avoid this game.
Excitement Level
This room has more than meets the eye with cool reveals and unique worlds to discover.
Pressure Level
This game has a nice slow burn feel to it. The pressure is meant to feel very much in the background. It was designed to feel more adventurous.

Price Per Player
Numbers of Players
1 HR
Time to Play


Explore the Clues.

Play this room if…

  • You like the idea of playing a non-linear room
  • You want a room where you divide and conquer
  • You want to experience an adventurous room

Our Tips

  • Divide and work as smaller groups to solve this room
  • Dress comfortably as this room has some physical elements
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for hints

The Best Part

  • This room has lots of secrets and exciting moments
  • The set work and attention to detail is fun and immersive
  • Your room time is kept by an authentic grandmother clock

Real. Immersive. FUN.

What are you waiting for? Find the clues, solve the puzzles, and complete the challenge before time runs out!