Will you learn to work together or will you selfishly die alone?

The infamous serial killer Lazarus “The Smiley Face Slasher” Grimm is at it again and you are his next victim.

Blindfolded and chained to a wall you must free yourself and navigate through this madman’s deathtrap before you become entombed forever. Can you come together and work as one or will you selfishly work on your own and die together?

Difficulty Level
This room presents a bit of a chaotic undertaking. This game is multi-linear and really lends itself to needing lots of good communication and cooperation.
Agility Level
This game is very physical friendly for any players with mobility issues.
Excitement Level
While not a scary room there is a constant unsettling nature to the game. There are are quite a few twists and turns in this game as well as one really unique moment in the game.
Pressure Level
This game was designed to feel stressful. The glaring timer ticking down the minutes and the sounds are designed to drive players to a point of uneasiness. Maintaining your composure throughout the game would be most wise.

Price Per Player
Numbers of Players
1 HR
Time to Play


Explore the Clues.

Play this room if…

  • You enjoy real immersion
  • You want a challenging room
  • You want to feel a more intense experience
  • You enjoy twists in a game

Our Tips

  • Work together and communicate everything you see
  • Be attentive to the details of the room
  • This can feel like an intense game but remember it’s a game

The Best Part

  • You start this room blindfolded and chained to a wall
  • The set work and attention to detail is real and immersive
  • The room has an exciting twist halfway through the game

Real. Immersive. FUN.

What are you waiting for? Find the clues, solve the puzzles, and complete the challenge before time runs out!