Not just another day at the office

Will you manage to Recover the naughty list?

Just another day at the miserable office of Rainy Brain Solutions. You’ve tried to no avail for months now to get a raise from your terrible boss, Mr. Scott. Unfortunately, he won’t budge on that proposition.

However, this year, Krampus has been mailed the naughty list as Santa is tired of doling out any punishment. Guess who’s name is on it this year? Mr. Scott. Upon this discovery he has decided to make you a little proposition. Recover the naughty list with his name on it and get that big raise you’ve been hoping for just in time for the holidays. Otherwise, you may be hearing two words you’d rather not hear out of Mr. Scott’s mouth, “YOU’RE FIRED”.

It looks like you only have the next lunch break to recover that list. Lunch is only an hour and it appears you’ll be spending some time beyond just the break room…

Difficulty Level
There’s quite a few things going on in this game. There are some puzzles where good note taking is necessary.
Agility Level
This game is very physical friendly. One space of the game is a little small but only one player needs to participate in that small space.
Excitement Level
This room has dynamic environments with some unique twists to some familiar items turned into fun puzzles. Dance away to the playlist from the DJ over the radio.
Pressure Level
Keep good pace and keep up good communication. The game doesn’t have ton of pressure but something about this game makes you feel like Krampus is just around the corner.

Price Per Player
Numbers of Players
1 HR
Time to Play


Discover the magic.

Play this room if…

  • You enjoy something a little different
  • You want something the whole family will enjoy
  • You need a little holiday cheer

Our Tips

  • Communicate well in this game
  • Take notes when necessary
  • The DJ on the radio may know a thing or two

The Best Part

  • Singing along the Christmas jams is always welcome.
  • The radio DJ sometimes will take requests.
  • “Dangerous” critters


What are you waiting for? Find the clues, solve the puzzles, and complete the challenge before time runs out!